Fiona Morgan

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The Cake Cafe Homeware Products. View Project Details →

Registered with The Crafts Council of Ireland
All of the Cake Café products are designed with beauty by Niall&Nigel at Pony design studio. Plates, aprons, tea-towels and other graphic elements from the Café, have become collectable items, loved around the globe. We can whisk one off to you where ever you are in the world.

Michelle has collaborated with the boys from Pony since the Café came into existance in 2006. The first designs used the original Cake Cafe pallet of pink and brown. Six years on and with a bright and airy cook book on the shelves, we have vamped up the colour with a new, sharper, brighter aesthetic. And importantly the new towels and aprons are made in Ireland, printed on 100% Irish linen.

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