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DOLLS by Sorcha Kenny. View Project Details →


by Sorcha Kenny

Project Theatre // Dublin Fringe Festival 2013

For the duration of the experience five real performers are owned by you. From every angle they look convincingly life like. Their movements have been strategically choreographed and set to a soundtrack of appropriated voices that will aim to manipulate you, the audience, to feel any number of emotions on a spectrum that ranges from exhilaration to repulsion. Please note that while we cannot guarantee these women have been completely desensitised, dehumanised and disconnected every effort has been made to enhance the authenticity of this theatrical occurrence. Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support of Dublin Fringe Festival.

Dolls will transport you into an enthralling world of botched barbies. Surreal, gripping and unforgettable. Róise.

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